Chemical Grout Injection


Strata-Tek LLC technicians are certified in the art and science of chemical grout injection. We are expert in permanently resolving all known forms of leakage caused by foundation cracks and gaps in commercial structures. Strata-Tek analyzes each individual concrete crack to determine the inherent cause of destruction. Solutions are then tailored to fix the problem and prevent cracks from reoccurring.

Chemical grouts mix very easily with water, allowing quick and full penetration of wet joints, cracks, and soil that surround foundations. Chemical grout will react with water to form a waterproof solid, effectively filling the crack and putting an impermeable stop to leakage.

There are two types of polyurethane grouts Strata-Tek uses in chemical grout injection - hydrophobic and hydrophilic grout. Hydrophobic grouts work by repelling water through expansion, while hydrophilic grouts react and expand when they come into contact with water. Both grouts are highly effective in stopping leaks in cracked concrete, tunnels, dams, and other below grade applications.


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