Carbon Fiber Reinforcement


Foundation experts at Strata-Tek LLC will utilize carbon fiber reinforcements in certain circumstances to strengthen existing concrete, masonry, and timber structures. A fairly new technology in the US construction industry, carbon fiber reinforcement has been widely used in Europe for several years. This method of reinforcement is accomplished by bonding carbon fiber elements onto an existing structure using powerful epoxy adhesives. Because of its great tensile strength, carbon fiber reinforcement is often considered a more desirable structural reinforcement than steel beams.

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Carbon fiber reinforcement is ideal for:

  • Increasing load capacities
  • Strengthening damaged structural components
  • Fixing construction or design defects
  • Modifying or removing existing structural elements (columns, walls, slabs, etc.)
  • Seismically strengthening columns and walls

In addition to its great strength and durability, there are many advantages to applying carbon fiber reinforcement in place of more traditional reinforcement methods. It is extremely lightweight and easy to handle and install. Its non-corrosive, acid & alkali-resistant nature also makes it a favorable material for foundation work. Furthermore, its aesthetic impact is minimal while it highly flexible nature makes carbon fiber reinforcement easily wrapped around complex shapes.


Strata-Tek is expert at determining what method is best for each situation we encounter. While carbon fiber reinforcement has strong benefits and is ideal for many reinforcement applications, traditional reinforcing methods may be more appropriate in certain cases.