Water Problem Solutions

Cove Joint

Severe storms and flooding can sometimes cause excessive amounts of water to build up around your home’s foundation and under your basement floor. The place where your basement walls and floors meet is called a cove joint. As a result of accumulating ground water, hydrostatic pressure can force water into your basement through these joints.

To correct and prevent water from leaking into your home through these intersections, Strata-Tek LLC would recommend the professional installation of an advanced water control system. As water follows the path of least resistance, the system Strata-Tek offers works with the forces of nature to intercept water coming through the perimeter of your basement’s foundation. The water is then diverted safely away to a sump pump that will pump the water out and away from your home.



Floor Crack

The foundation of your home will often shift and shrink after it is poured as well as when the structure ages. This movement may create cracks in the basement floor, through which water can enter.

To correct and prevent this type of seepage, Strata-Tek LLC offers the installation of an advanced water control system. This system will intercept water coming through the perimeter of your basement’s foundation and divert it to a sump pump that will pump the water out and away from your home.



Floor Drain

A floor drain is a plumbing fixture that is installed in the floor of a basement, mainly designed to remove any standing water near it. They are usually round, but can also be square or rectangular. The floor around the drain is also sloped to allow the water to flow to the drain. Water coming up from the floor drain often indicates a problem with the sewer and is not usually a waterproofing problem. Most residential basements have 1 or more floor drains, usually near the water heater or washer/dryer. A floor drain should always have a strainer secured over it to prevent injury, entry of foreign objects, or introduction of unwanted pests into the home.



Mortar Joint

A mortar joint is referred to as the space between the concrete block, brick or glass block of your basement that is filled with grout. Passage of time often causes a foundation’s mortar joints to loosen and deteriorate, making it susceptible to water seepage.

If weak mortar joints are a problem in your home, Strata-Tek LLC would offer the installation of an interior drainage system as your primary solution. The installation of an interior drain system is an effective remedy followed by the drilling of a small hole at the base of every block. These holes allow the water that makes its way into the blocks to drain out the bottom and into your drain system rather than filling up your block foundation and possibly causing damage to the structural integrity of your walls. Exterior repairs might include unearthing and exposing your foundation to apply minor surface repairs.



Porous Concrete

Concrete foundations can become porous because of erosion. Urethane grout has been instrumental in stopping leaks in concrete foundations for the past four decades. Due to its flexibility, safety, and ability to completely and permanently fill cracks, Strata-Tek LLC relies on this injection method to fix leaks caused by a home’s eroding foundation.

Another method to resolve this predicament is the professional installation of a sub floor drainage system. An advanced water control system will intercept water coming through the perimeter of your basement’s foundation and divert it to a sump pump that pumps the water out and away from your home.



Sill Plate

Water often enters the home near the top of a home’s foundation, because generally, this is where the foundation intersects with the earth. A home’s foundation should ideally extend several inches above ground level in order to avoid water seepage. However, due to build errors, subsequent changes in landscape, and/or foundation shifts and sinkage, this isn’t always the case.

If water intrusion occers at this junction of earth and cement, the strongest solution Strata-Tek LLC can recommend would be to re-grade the land around the home so that it slopes away from the structure. We would also recommend that you make sure that your gutters are always kept clean and directed away from your home. In some circumstances, the addition of a dry well may also be necessary.



Snap Tie

Snap ties, also called tie rods, are slender pieces of steel that hold concrete forms together at the time the foundation is poured. The ties are broken off when the concrete forms are removed, however the rooted steel rods remain in the cured concrete. This steel rusts over time which makes your basement foundation vulnerable to water penetration.

To stop these leaks, Strata-Tek LLC will drill a hole about six inches away from the leaking tie rod at an angle that allows the drilled hole to intersect with the tie rod in the middle of the wall. We will then inject a chemical grout into the fissure. Once the grout comes into contact with water or moisture, it expands to form a water tight seal inside your foundation’s wall.



Sump Pump

A sump pump is an electrical apparatus used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump pit. A sump pit, commonly found in the basement of a home, is simply a hole drilled to collect water. The water may enter via the perimeter drains of a basement waterproofing system, funneling into the pit, or may arrive because of rain or because of natural ground water, if the basement is below the water table level.

Sump pumps are installed particularly where basement flooding is seen as a problem, but are also used to mitigate dampness where the water table is above the foundation of your home. Sump pumps send water away from the house to any place where it no longer presents a problem. Since a sump pit may overflow if not constantly pumped, a backup system is important for cases when the main power is out for prolonged periods of time.

If your structure requires the installation of an advanced water control system then this system will be connected to a sump pump of your choice. Strata-Tek also offers the battery back-up systems that help sustain the sump pumps to work during a power stoppage.



Utility Pipe Penetration

There are a variety of pipes that penetrate the foundation of your home. Time can negatively affect the integrity of these pipes, which include your water, sewer, gas, and electrical lines.

If a leak develops around any of your home’s utility pipes, Strata-Tek LLC offers a strong chemical grout injection as a professional means of repair. We start by drilling a hole in the foundation in the area of the leak, and continue by pumping a chemical grout through the hole which then thoroughly permeates the crack until the grout reaches the soil. When the grout comes into contact with moisture in the soil, it naturally expands and forms a water tight seal that prevents the water from entering your foundation.



Wall Crack

Foundation cracks often occur due to structural shifting and movement. Not only are they unsightly, but cracks in basement walls often result in water leakage into your home.

The foundation experts at Strata-Tek LLC utilize a highly efficient and cost-effective polyurethane foam injection process that stops leaks in your basement walls and waterproofs the foundation, making your basement dry and functional. By repairing cracks in this way, we prevent them from reoccurring.



Window Well

The trench-like nature of a window well can sometimes cause water to gather at the base of the window and leak through into your basement

Strata-Tek LLC offers several methods to prevent water from entering through window wells. One of the more common solutions would be to dig out the window well to a depth of about three feet and then fill it in with gravel. This would allow the window well to hold more water before it reaches the level of the window, while facilitating the drainage of water back into the soil. As an added form of protection, we would then drill a hole through the foundation into the window well just below the level of the window and install a drain pipe that ties into the existing interior drain system or sump pump. In the event of a hurricane or flood situation where the window well has difficulty handling the large amount of water accumulation, the drain pipe would divert the water away from the window and toward the sump pump. Strata-Tek also offers egress windows and egress window well covers.