Chemical Grout Injection

Strata-Tek LLC utilizes Avanti & Emecole chemical grout to stop even the toughest basement leaks. In order to function as a permanent water-stop, chemical grout injection possesses the following characteristics:

  • Small crack penetration
  • Quick-setting
  • Bonds to wet surfaces
  • Effective in and under water
  • Good elastic strength
  • Tolerates unavoidable debris
  • Easy to handle
  • Inert after cure
  • Approved for contact with potable water
  • Tolerant to mix variations and field conditions

Foundation waterproofing experts have relied on chemical grout injection for over 30 years for its strength, flexibility, safety, and ability to form a complete and permanent waterproof seal. It provides protection against cyclical structural movement, so you're covered even through future compression or expansion. Contact Strata-Tek today for a free estimate.